The Name Above All Names - Elohim (God)
The Name Above All Names -
El (God)

The word 'God' is described in the dictionary as this:
(in Christianity and other monotheistic religions) The creator and ruler of the universe and source of all moral authority; the Supreme being.
Exclamation: Used to express a range of emotions such as surprise, anger, and distress: "my God! Why didn't you tell us?".
Synonyms: lord - deity - divinity - godhead - idol

 Here it states that the word 'God' is used for christianity as well as other religions. If you go on to look in wilkepedia it will give you a whole host of gods that are worshipped.

The following is a list of some of the generic names, used God, Gud, Gott. These names were used among the Teutonic tribes. "Goda" is a proper name for an idol! Woden, "the name of the highest god." was also called Witan, Odan, The day of the week, "Wednesday"or some would say, "God-enstag" is named after the Teuton deity! Can you see where these titles have originated from?
spelled Gad in our Bibles but pronounced God) and is the name for a pagan fortune deity. This is confirmed in:  
Isaiah 65 v 11 But you are’’    
Would you really want to use this word for the Most High?
The Hebrew word for 'god' is 'Elohim' or 'El'.
In pictograph Hebrew it is represented by a picture of an ox and a staff. 
The ox represents power because of his great strength. The staffrepresents authority as well as a yoke.
In the time that scripture was written, in order to till the ground, a team of oxen  were yoked together to pull a cart or plough.  To train the younger oxen, an older more experienced ox as the leader was yoked to the younger. 
The Hebraic meaning of 'El' is a powerful leader. 
The ancient Hebrews saw themselves yoked to the Almighty who taught them how to walk a proper life.  ***
A much more powerful picture of the Most High.

Please note: On this website you will see the Hebraic name 'El' or 'Elohim' used, rather than using the English word 'god' due to its pagan origins.
***taken from The Living Words - Vol 1 - Jeff A Benner. Click here for more information