The Name Above All Names - LOVE the greatest gift of all
The Name Above All Names -
LOVE the greatest Gift of ALL

YaHuWaH is our Father and Creator. The very essence of His nature, of who and what He is, is pure immeasurable love.  Love seeks to do good to others, to bring joy to others. This is why YaHuWaH created the earth and everything in it - a gift of love for us to enjoy.  He then created humans.  Not as robots, not as servants, but as His own children.  Yahuwah, ( I AM THAT I AM) covenanted to be man's Elohim (God) and Father and to provide everything we need.

Divine love flows from the heart of Yahuwah and is eternal.  Love can transform - force cannot. Satan has used the principles of force , cruelty and deception to lead multitudes to destruction. In the end, however, Yahuwah wins because His love is the most powerful force of all.  It is the very essence of who He is.
However, man decided that he knew better than Yahuwah and decided to go His own way and not the way that our Father directs us to go. Sin came into the world and broke our relationship with our perfect, just Father.

Yahuwah knew this from the beginning and already had a plan in place. He demonstrated His divine love, and revealed a love that far surpasses all other love, He sent His Son as a sacrifice for our sin.
'Yahuwah so loved the world that He gave.. (John 3 v 16).. everything.  

When sin came into the world, Yahuwah revealed even more depth to His love.  He revealed a love that could forgive our sin and save us.  He loved the world so much that 'He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.'
Scripture reveals the reason why Yahuwah was willing to sacrifice His own Son:
'Yahuwah did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved!' John 3 v 17.
Yahuwah loves us so much and He wants us have a relationship with Him and He wants to be our Father who delights in us and who protects us, provides for us, guides us and who will deliver us when the end of this age comes.  It is His will that all should not perish but have everlasting life.

We are His children. Children love to give.  Their little hearts look for ways to show love, whether it is a coloured picture or a fist of dandelions!
Our wise heavenly Father, knew that all the love gifts He has given us in the universe would not draw the hearts of His children if they did not recognise His gifts and feel gratitude for them. He knows that we need to show our expressions of love and gratitude to Him.
Satan has portrayed Yahuwah as a stern Father yielding a big stick, barking out orders and creating beings just so He could receive their service and selfishly enjoy their adoration and praise. Unfortunately, many people have believed this lie.
Yahuwah is love and He longs to know us and for us to know Him and have an intimate relationship with Him as our Father.  He is a just Father and guides us and directs us in the best ways to live.
The Father already knows what is in the heart  and mind of every person.  He is intimately acquainted with very individual on this planet.  He knows our thoughts and our feelings.  Prayer is for our benefit.  Prayer provides the opportunity to stop the harried rush of the day, contemplate blessings bestowed, confess failings, and experience forgiveness .The gratitude felt when blessings are acknowledged creates love and trust in the human heart - and this is needed.
When one is loved and accepted with an undying unconditional love, barriers are broken down.  The heart cannot help but respond because love reciprocates love.
The natural response of the heart that feels loved is to demonstrate love in return by actions.  The person that has known divine love, longs to show love in return.  It becomes the most natural thing in the world to obey our Father.  The once-rebellious heart, now softened by love, finds greatest joy in living as our Father directs and is written in His Word.
 This is why Yahuwah gave us His commandments - as a way for us to show our love.
Satan is very quick to level the charge of legalism anytime a person tries to keep the divine law. This is not legalism it is our response to divine love.
As we come to know our Father, love flows and gratitude abounds for His goodness, and then we begin to love in our actions.  We can only begin to know Him when we spend time with Him to nurture our relationship with Him.  The more we know Him the more we realise the depth of His love.
Unfortunately, in this busy world we very often fail to acknowledge our Father's goodness, as we can become distracted and caught up being busy and bogged down with the things and the ways of this world.  All too often we can become too dependant upon our own abilities and on what man teaches.  Our love and gratitude for our Father can be non-existent, and we can just go through the motions of religiosity and resort to just relying on what others tell us and teach us about Him and His Word i.e. the Sunday preach, or a daily portion magazine, or book by the most popular author. This results in us never really getting to know our Father for ourselves.  We end up just 'knowing about Him' and what someone else believes or has been taught.  We can then fail to recognise that He is our Provider, Our Fortress, Our Deliverer, Our Ever-Present Help in times of trouble, Our Creator, Our Father and most importantly : ALL things are done in Him and through Him. Without Him we can do nothing.
When we begin to set aside time to really know our Father, love flows, gratitude and thanks abound on a daily basis and our eyes become open to the fullness of His love. To know Yahuwah is to love Him, and obedience is the natural response.
As we receive Yahuwah's love, He will illuminate our path with greater light and understanding. 
Praise Yahuwah for His unending, bountiful love for His children.
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