The Name Above All Names - Righteous vs wicked
The Name Above All Names -

Tsadiyq vs Rasha (Righteous vs Wicked)
The word righteous is said to mean:
Morally right or justifiable; virtuous.
The word for righteous in Hebrew is the word  'tsadiyq'.
In Hebrew Pictograph each letter is represented by a picture and has many different meanings. Therefore each word can be defined in many different ways.
In Hebrew Pictograph 'tsadiyq' it is represented by the letters:        

TS - Tsade -   A picture man on his side    


D - Dalet - A picture of a door - can mean to move

 Y- Yod - A picture of a right arm - can mean to worship

 Q- Qaf - A picture of the sun on the horizon  - time / setting o the sun
The pictographs show that a righteous one is one who walks with straightness of the side in worship until the end of the age.
This can be put in another way:
 One who is righteous  or upright is one who walks a straight, right path. ***

The word wicked is said to mean:
Evil or morally wrong, nasty.

The word for wicked in Hebrew is 'rasha'.
In Hebrew Pictograph it is represented by the letters:

 R- Resh-  A picture of a head of man -

 SH- Shin- A picture of teeth - pressed down           

 A- Ayin - A picture of an eye - shade

The pictograph shows a man who is pressed down and walking in the shady path.
This can be put in another way:
 A wicked one is one who has departed from the correct path or way.
***taken from The Living Words - Vol 1 - Jeff A Benner. Click here for more information