The Name Above All Names - The Names in Paleo Hebrew
The Name Above All Names -
The Names in Paleo Hebrew
Let’s go back even further to the ancient paths and look at Paleo Hebrew, which is written in conjunction with pictograph writing.  This was used before Ancient Hebrew was used.
Paleo Hebrew would have been what the ten commandments were written in.

 You will see that the name YaHuWaH written in Paleo Hebrew also reveals His son. 
Here in a fragment of the dead sea scrolls from the Book of Psalms you can clearly see the YHWH written in Paleo Hebrew.
The tetragrammation YHWH, (YaHuWaH) when written in Paleo Hebrew looks like this from right to left                                               
  In Paleo Hebrew it looks like this:      Hebrew pictograph writing it looks like this:
In Exodus 3 v 15 it looks like this in Hebrew Pictograph:

= ‘Y’- means a right hand (the Mighty hand of the Most High).

 =  notice the man has his hands raised in praise).

      =  ‘W’ - means ‘nail’ (Yahushua was nailed to a tree).
 =  ‘H’ - means ‘behold life’ (Yahushua rose from the grave)
His name interprets as: 
Behold / look! The mighty right arm of Yahuwah, which brings life through the nail, behold / look!

What an amazing picture! You can see that the name YaHuWaH reveals His Son, and why He came. The name YaHuWaH appears more than 6,000 times in the scriptures. 
 Over 6,000 times we see the picture of His Son and why He came.  
 Now let’s look at Yahushua in paleo Hebrew and pictograph form, from right to left.
(Ancient Hebrew didn’t use vowels.)    
                                             A    U  SH   U   H    Y
   Yahushua in Hebrew  Pictograph 
Yahushua in Paleo Hebrew.                                               
Hand – behold – nail  – teeth/ sharp- nail – eye / well
His name interprets as:
The Mighty right hand of Yahuwah that brings life through the nail, the sharp nail, which brings sight and opens the eyes or brings you to the well of living water.
The true essence of why the Son came. 
 This verse in Jeremiah sums up Yahuwah ‘s and Yahushua’s name:
 Jeremiah 16:21
“Therefore behold, I will this once cause them to know, I will cause them to know Mine hand and My might; and they shall know that My NAME is YaHuWaH.”
Every time you use these names you proclaim that Yahuwah is salvation.
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