The Name Above All Names - The Truth about Salvation
The Name Above All Names -
 What is the Truth about Salvation?
Am I really 'Saved'?
There have been many discussions and sermons preached on salvation and the way to eternal life.There is only one way that leads to eternity regardless of what anyone might tell you.  We have already talked about the fact that Yahuwah is love and that He sent His Son Yahushua as the Passover lamb and ultimate sacrifice so that we may be saved at the end of this age, on the great and dreadful day of judgement.

 So what does Scripture tell us about salvation / deliverance?
The following verses tell us very clearly :
Romans 10 v 13
'For everyone who calls upon the Name of Yahuwah shall be saved / delivered.'

 Romans 10 v 12 says that there is no distinction between Yahudi (Jew) or Yawanite (Greek).
 Its the same for everyone. There is only one way.
Joel 2 v 32
'And it shall be that EVERYONE who calls upon the Name of Yahuwah shall be delivered.'
 (The word delivered here is the Hebrew word Y'malet H4422 - to narrowly escape)
 Acts 4 v 12 
And there is NO deliverance in ANYONE else, for there is NO OTHER NAME under heaven given among men by which you need to be saved.'
Here in Acts it states that there is only ONE NAME that you can be saved by. That Name is Yahushua (meaning Yahuwah saves / delivers).
If you thought you were saved under the false name 'Jesus', you have been deceived.
Please note that these verses state: 'shall be saved / or delivered.' This points to a future event not a present one. It doesn't say that once you are saved you are always saved or that once you have raised your hand in a church service, or said a certain prayer that you are automatically saved irrespective of what you do after that..
The problem that most people have, is that they have never known the Name of our Creator and Savior (click here for more information)  because of the  Roman Catholic Church’s deception that has been used by satan to deceive the whole world.  The Father's Name and the Son's Name have been removed from our English Scriptures and replaced with 'God','Lord' and the false name 'Jesus.'  The Father's Name is Yahuwah and the Son's name is Yahushua.
As written in:
 Revelation  12:9
'And the great dragon was thrown out, that serpent of old, called the devil and satan, who leads ALL the world astray.'
No one likes to admit that they have been deceived. But Scripture tells us clearly that the entire world is deceived by satan. That includes each and every one of us. I was deceived for 40 years!
John 3 v 16 is a popular verse quoted when talking about salvation and everlasting life.  So let's have a look at it in context with the whole chapter.
John 3 v 16 says
'For Elohim so loved the world that He gave His only brought-forth Son, so that everyone who believes in Him should not perish but possess everlasting life.'
What a beautiful picture. Our heavenly Father loves us so much that He sent His Son to make a way so that we might have a personal relationship with Him through His blood that was shed on the stake.
If you carry on reading this passage, in verse 18 it says that those who believe in Him will not be judged, but those who do not believe will be judged already because they did not believe on the NAME of the only brought forth Son.
So we can see that we must believe in Yahuwah's brought forth Son and His Name, which is Yahushua (Yahuwah saves /delivers) not the false greek/ pagan name Jesus.
In verse 36 of the same chapter it says this:
'He who believes in the Son posesses everlasting life, but he who does not OBEY the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of Elohim remains on him.'
So not only must we believe in the Son and His Name, we must also obey the Son. Belief is shown through obedience.
 How do we do that?
Revelation 14 v 12
'Here is the endurance of the set-apart ones, here are those guarding the Commands of Yahuwah and the belief of Yahushua.'
Belief means endurance or perseverance or obedience.
Perseverance comes from hearing the Word of Yahuwah - not the word of man.
Those who are set-apart unto Yahuwah, are persevering in their belief in Yahushua and guarding / keeping Yahuwah's Commands (instructions).

In John 14 v 15  Yahushua says:
'If you love Me, you shall guard My Commands.'
 And also in John 15 v 9-10:
'As the Father loved Me, I have also loved you.  Stay in My love.  If you guard My Commands, you shall stay in My love, even as I have guarded My Father's Commands and stay in His love.'
We must obey His Commands.
Which Commands?  The Commandments that He taught from the Torah which include the Ten Commandments.  (see Ten Commandments). Yahuwah gives us grace as we obey them and learn His Ways.
In Phillipians 2 v 9-12 Paul and Timothy write:
'Yahuwah, therefore has highly exalted Him (His Son), and given Him the Name which is above every Name, that at the Name of Yahushua every knee should bow, of those in the shamayim (heaven), and of those on the earth, and of those under the earth, and every tongue should confess that Yahushua Messiah is Master, to the esteem of Yahuwah the Father. So that, my beloved, as you always OBEYED - not only in my presence, but now much rather in my absence- work out your own deliverance with fear and trembling.'
So our deliverance is to be worked out by obeying, as well as confessing and believing in the Name above all Names, Yahushua (Yahuwah saves / delivers).
Obeying what? Yahuwah's commands / Torah. 
You see when you confess the name Yahushua you are proclaiming that Yahuwah saves / delivers.
Scripture says that ALL have sinned.  So you are not alone on that one.
Romans 3 v 23
'For all have sinned and fall short of the esteem of Elohim (God).'
Remember, YAHUWAH our Master has a different standard than a human being would have in regard to sin. YAHUWAH is righteous and will have no sin with him or around him.
Most are not sure of what the clear definition of “sin” is or a clear definition of what it means to “repent.'
Let’s first look at the definition sin.
What is SIN?
1 John 3:4 
 “Everyone who sins breaks the law; in fact, sin is lawlessness.” 
So we see a clear definition of sin as being “lawlessness.”

 What Law is one breaking when committing sin? 
The Answer is the Ten Commandments and the Torah. If a person breaks one of the Ten Commandments he/she is committing sin, and the Scripture tells us if a person is guilty of breaking one of the Commandments they are guilty of breaking them all.
However, Isaiah 48 tells us that if we listen and keep Yahuwah's Commands we will have shalom (peace) like a river.  What a beautiful picture. 
If we love Yahuwah we will want to keep His Commands (Torah / instructions).  They are not heavy or burdensome.
Isaiah 48 v 17-18
'Thus says Yahuwah, your Redeemer, the Qodesh One (set-apart one) of Y'israel, I AM your Elohim (God), teaching you what is best, leading you by the way you should go.  If only you had listened to My Commands. Then your peace would have been like a river, and your righteousness like the waves fo the sea.'
In Acts 2, Peter says:
'Repent and let each one of you be immersed in the Name of YaHushua Messiah for the forgiveness of sins and you shall receive the gift of the Set-Apart Spirit. For the promise is to you and to your children and to all who are far off, as many as YaHuWaH our Elohim shall call.'

Now, let’s look at the definition of “Repent.” It is the word 'Teshuvah' in Hebrew.

Repent: Having a deep sorrow, regret, and/or contrition for past sin, and then turning from continuing to practice committing sin by obeying the Torah (Law) which will be written on your heart. 
So repentance isn't just saying you are sorry, it is an action.  You say you are sorry and show it by turning away from sin (lawlessness) and and be immersed in the Name of YaHushua Messiah and ..begin to obey Yahuwah's commands.
So the starting point for salvation is this:
Belief and confession in Yahushua, the brought forth Son of Yahuwah, and repentance by admitting that you have sinned and a turning away from sin (lawlessness) and immersion in the Name of YaHshua Messiah and a commitment to obey His Commands (Torah / instructions)   (see 10 commandments as a starting point)

For more information on immersion / baptism please go to:

The way to salvation is a narrow way and you will need to count the cost.  Yahuwah's ways are not the ways of the world.  You will not be popular or even liked by many. You will need to turn away from worldly ways and follow in Yahuwah's ways. You must be immersed in His Name.  Yahuwah promises to help you and guide you along the way. He promises to protect you and sustain you and give you His joy and His shalom (peace).
Psalm 32 v 8
'Let Me instruct you and teach you in the way you should go.'
Repentance is an ongoing process throughout our life. We will mess up along the way and we will need to repent.  
'Whayah cal asher y'qara B'shem Yahuwah y'malet.' Joel 2 v 32
'And it shall be that all who call/ profess in the Name of Yahuwah shall narrowly escape.'
Joel 2 v 32
And on that final day when the final trump sounds, and Yahushua returns, we shall know that we have His Name written upon our foreheads and His seal and the sign of His Covenant - keeping His Commands and we shall narrowly escape.
Revelation 22 v 14
‘Blessed are those DOING His Commands, so that the authority shall be theirs unto the tree of life and to enter through the gates into the city.’
Praise Yahuwah for His boundless love and goodness and kindness to us.
May Yahuwah baruch (bless) you and keep you as you begin your journey to walk in His paths and His ways.