The Name Above All Names - Word studies
The Name Above All Names -

Word Studies

When translators translated the Scriptures from Hebrew to English they had a hard time finding English words to fit the Hebraic thought behind the Hebrew word.
Hebrew words are derived from a parent root.
Even the Strong's concordance has trouble conveying certain meanings adn it was also written over 100 years ago.
Here I have added some words that I have studied using the original Modern Hebrew and the Paleo Pictograph Hebrew as well as using a Strong's concordance and an interlinear.
For every Hebrew letter, it has an equivalent paleo pictograph.  Each pictograph has a variety of meanings.  Put together, they can give an amazing picture of what the word means.  There can be many interpretations  and the reader can see many different ways to interpret each one.
A Paleo Pictograph Table comparing the pictograph pictures with the modern Hebrew and Greek letters.

I hope you enjoy reading them.
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