The Name Above All Names - YaH-U-Shua a simple picture
The Name Above All Names -
Here is a simple picture of our Messiah's name.  It is simple yet quite powerful.

The beginning of our Messiah's Name is the shortened form of His Father's Name:

 Psalm 68 from KJV Bible. 
 Here we see one of the only places where we find the shortened form of our Father's Name intact.
Next we have the:
The Hebrew letter here is the 'waw'.
In Hebrew Pictograph is a picture of a tent peg / nail.
The final part of His Name is the word
meaning to save / deliver.  (when put in the whole word it changes to saves / delivers).
So when we put it all together we get:
Yah through the nail saves / delivers.
Every time the Name of Yahushua is spoken, we declare that Yah saves and delivers through the nail that pierced His Son on the stake.  We proclaim that Yahuwah delivers through the death and resurrection of His Son.
His Name proclaims why He came.
How wonderful is that!  Why would you want to use any other Name?
There is no other Name besides YAHUSHUA.