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The 8th Commandment

8. You do not steal.

The 8th commandment is also pretty easy to understand: You do not take anything that belongs to someone else without their consent. This can include people trying to manipulate money from you dishonestly for their own gain. Some even twist scripture to do it...

The Torah sets out many instances of forms of stealing i.e. taking something that does not belong to you, the kidnap of a person, deceiving someone dishonestly, dishonest scales in business deals, moving a neighbours boundary etc..

Matthew Chapter 15 Verses 17 - 19 states:

"Don’t you know that everything that goes into the mouth passes into the stomach and then is expelled as waste? But the things that come out of the mouth come from the heart, and it is those things that make a person unclean. It is out of the heart that evil thoughts come, as well as murder, adultery, sexual immorality, stealing, false testimony, and slander."

As with anyone who makes breaking the commandments of the Covenant their own lifestyle choice, unrepentant thieves will ultimately be rejected by the Messiah at His judgment as their actions prove that their heart is hardened and there is no love for YaHuWaH or people in them...

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