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Still Not Convinced?

Scripture teaches the following about our Father's Name (which is incorporated into His Son's Name.)

Our help is in the name of YaHuWaH

Psalm 124 v 8
We have forgiveness on account of His name
John 2 v 12
We have deliverance in His name
Acts 4 v 12 or Joel 2 v 32
There is NO OTHER NAME under the heavens by which we can be saved
Acts 4 v 12
We should be baptized in His name
Acts 2 v 38
We have life by believing in His name
John 20 v 31
We have strength by faith in His name
Acts 3 v 16
Our sins are forgiven in His name
1 John 2 v 12
Those who believe in His name are not condemned
John 3 v 18
Those who believe in His Name possess everlasting life
1 John 5 v 13
YaHuWaH delivers us and sets us on high because we know His name
Psalm 91 v 14
YaHuWaH will answer us when we call upon His name
Psalm 91 v 15
YaHuWaH will be with us in times of distress because we call on His name
Psalm 91 v 15

We will be delivered, exalted, esteemed, have long life, be satisfied because
we know His name
Psalm 91 v 15-16

When we gather in His name He will be in our midst
Matthew 18 v 20
Whatever we ask in His name will be given to us
John 14 v 13
The Helper / Set-Apart Spirit is sent in His name
John 14 v 26 

These are just a small portion of Scriptures that refer to the names of
YaHuWaH and ​Yahushua (YaHuWaH saves / delivers). Don’t you think that it is worth making sure that you are using the correct names that give esteem and honour to our Father the One who created us? And His Son who died for us? We most certainly do!

(These are a tiny sample, there are many many more!)

Scripture also teaches the following:

His name is forever
Exodus 3 v 15

We should call on His name and talk about His name
Psalm 105 v 2

We should fear His name
Psalm 86 v 12

We should believe in His name
1 John 3 v 23

The righteous walk in His name
Micah 4 v 5

We trust in His name
Isaiah 50 v 10

His name defends those who serve Him
Psalm 20 v 21

His name is to be magnified forever
 2 Samuel 7 v 26

His name is Set-Apart/Sanctified
Matthew 6 v 9 

These scriptures clearly declare His name:

Isaiah 42 v 8
Exodus 6 v 2-3

Isaiah 51 v 15
Hosea 12 v 5

Exodus 3 v 15
Amos 4 v 13

Jeremiah 16 v 21

Amos 9 v 6
Psalm 83 v 18

Exodus 20 v 1
Jeremiah 10 v 16

Malachi 2 v 2 

These people in scripture knew His name:

Abraham called upon His name
Genesis 12 v 18

Isaac prayed to YaHuWaH
Genesis 25 v 21-23

Jacob used His name
Genesis 28 v 16

Moses was raised up to declare His name to the whole earth
Exodus 9 v 16

Boaz greeted in His name
Ruth 2 v 4

King David blessed in His name
1 Chronicles 16 v 2

King David called on His name
Psalm 20 v 5

David also wrote in His name

Elijah called upon His name and fire came down from heaven
1 Kings 18 v 24

Yahushua came in His Father’s name
John 5 v 43

Yahushua made known His Father’s name
John 17 v 26

Peter preached in His name
Acts 2 v 38

Peter healed in His name
Acts 3 v 6

The disciples were warned not to teach in His name
Acts 5 v 40

Lastly we see a wonderful picture when the trumpet (shofar) sounds and Yahushua returns. What will be written on their foreheads? His NAME and His Father’s NAME!

Revelation 14:1 and Revelation 22:4

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