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My journey so far....


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My journey so far....

So here is my first blog on this site. I thought that it would be good for you to hear a little about my journey , which got me to this point. 
I live in Wales in the UK and was brought up attending a large Pentecostal City church.  I attended Sunday School as a child and went on to become a Sunday school teacher and eventually I even worked as a Children's Worker for the church and became very involved and busy in church life. 
As a child, I was taught all the cute Bible stories like Noah's ark, Daniel in the lions den etc and went on to teach these to the children that came through the children's work at the church. 
During my many yaers in church, I always had some niggling questions in my mind about certain things that were taught, but no one ever seemed to want to answer them.  So many churches believe so many different things and yet they still claim that they all serve the same God.  Most of the time it seems that they are in competition with each other.  Each one trying to outdo the other. 
 I found that what I read in scripture, did not always match up with what was taught in church, and how people behaved in church.  I was taught that 'God' loved us so much that He sent His Son to die on a cross to take away all my sins, and that I needed to pray a prayer of forgiveness to be saved from an eternal life of damnation  in hell. At the age of 11, I prayed the sinners prayer and was told that I was now saved. I continued in church life, never really questioning as it wasn't the done thing to do.
As I busied myself going to this meeting and that meeting and helping out here and there I became increasingly frustrated with church life.  I often wondered is this it?  Why is there no power or authority in the church?  Why do we not see miracles happening?  Why is the church more concerned about what worship music is played, what lights are used, what coffee and cake is served, what programs are put on, the numbers, not offending people.... The list was endless.  God seemed to be boxed into a building with endless activities and yet people didn't seem to change. Where was the love for each other that was taught from the pulpit? 
I began praying about my restlessness and I was given a clear scripture from Isaiah 52.  The whole chapter was relevant to my situation but I did not understand all of its implications at the time.
v 11 says, 'Turn aside! Turn aside! Come out from there, touch not the unclean.  Come out of her midst be clean, you who bear the vessels of Yahuwah.  For you shall not come out in haste, nor go in flight.  For Yahuwah is going before you, and the Elohim (God) of Yisrael is your rear guard.'
After reading this and praying I realised that I had to leave the church that I had grown up in, the place where I worked, where all my friends were and come out.  This I did two and a half years ago.  I left the church and asked the Almighty, (who I now know His name to be Yahuwah) to teach me in His ways and to find out the truth for myself. 
 I began to search scripture for myself and I studied church history and the biblical roots of scripture, as well as learning basic Hebrew. I don't consider myself to be a learned person but the desire in me to know truth and know my Creator has brought me to this place.
I quickly realised that 'the church' was the unclean thing.  It has adopted so many erroneous man-made teachings and has even mixed in traditions that come from pagan origins. If the church does not even know what the Creator's true name is and uses a hellenized pagan version of His Son's name, how can you believe anything else that they teach? Some are deceived and some know the truth but cling to their man-made traditions rather than to their Almighty Creator.
I have been brought into the truth and no longer have to conform to what man teaches, my Heavenly Father and His ruach (spirit) within me has led me into truth.  Praise Yah! 
Yahuwah is revealing His true name to His people.
I have set up this website to publish the true name of the Most High, Yahuwah, and the true name of His Son Yahushua.  There is no salvation under any other name!
Do not be deceived in these last days by false prophets and man-made traditions. Worship Yahuwah in spirit and in truth. 
Call on the name of Yahuwah. Seek Him and you will find Him.   Time is running out!
The website is new and I hope to add many articles of things I have learned and add links to other good sources of teaching.  Check out the ariticles about the true name and the videos and links section to begin your journey into truth. Feel free to email me on the contact page.
May Yahuwah bless you and give you shalom (peace) in your search for truth.

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Jean Evans on 11 September 2013 08:24
I am at a loss to see anything about this in what Jesus himself taught whilst here on earth. He became a man the most amazing thing ever in history and you don't even mention Him and His teaching
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Kate Abraham on 11 September 2013 23:07
If you take a look at the rest of the site you will find that the main aim is to proclaim the Name of our Father Yahuwah and His Son Yahushua - (His name is not Jesus). The Name of the Father has been removed completely from our Scriptures by the translators and the Name of His Son has been replaced with the pagan Greek Name Jesus. The very nature of Yahushua is summed up in His name - Yahuwah saves / delivers. 'For Yahuwah loved the world so much that He gave His only Son...' The whole site is based upon Scripture and upon Yahushua's teachings. He came in His Father's name and character to do His Father's will. Praise YaH for His goodness to us.
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Kate Abraham on 23 March 2014 18:02
I agree it is a heart matter. For those who truly love Yahuwah they will want to use give steem and respect to Him and will use His wonderful Name. John 14 v 26 states that the set apart spirit is given to us in His Name. Take a look at this link for more information HalleluYaH!

Becci on 19 March 2014 10:13
It is a heart matter not a is the Holy Spirit living within us Now hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us. Romans 5v5 Search me God and know my heart Psalm 139v 23 Jehovah looketh at the heart 1Samuel 16v7 2 Chronicles 16:9 CJB Complete Jewish Bible For the eyes of ADONAI move here and there throughout the whole earth, to show himself strong on behalf of those who are wholehearted toward him.
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Patricia hooper from Australia on 09 May 2015 12:24
Hi everyone my name is patricia. "which means Noble woman. Everything l was reading on this site is what the Ruah Ha Qodesh has been teaching me these past 10 years. "I am so grateful he has shown me the door to the Hebrew roots of the real way. Im also so grateful after being a Jehovahs witness for 30 years that Yahuwah brought me out of the darkness into the light. The real light. Fathers draws his real children and they listen to the voice of Yahsuah, when he knocks they let him in their souls. Romans 8 :9-16 His spirit bares witness with our spirit that we are the children of Elohim. He teaches us how to break free from strongholds that have captivated our souls all our lives. He opens wide the eyes to our hearts and minds and feeds us on his ancient Paleo words of truth. He shows us to break free from any erroneous religious ideas. Not allowing his sons and daughters to tread where his angles will never trod. "We cannot keep one foot in the truth and one foot in any religions, or any ideas that are not his. Its not a church or Kingdom hall anymore. Its a relationship with the grand El of the Written love letters to mankind only Yahuweh." Now scripture says, if any man does not have the Spirit of Yahsuah he is not his. Romans 8:9 l pray for you all, and that your journey from religions into the wilderness where you will tabernacle with Elohim "You and YAH "until he sets you free and knows you will be safe. I PRAY YOU WILL HAVE A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE as mine is. l have been at his feet night and day as an older sister and l say this. l am in the safest of hands until Yahsuah comes back to collect his children. Call out his wonderful name Yahuwah friends, and thank his wonderful son Yahsuah Ha Machiah, for the unique opportunity to be in their company for ever. ( plus our dear brothers the messengers from above.) Bless you and keep you and his face will shine upon you. Shalom Patricia with much love.
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dissertation service on 20 June 2018 12:52
That was an interesting story for me to listen for the first time about the journey that you have recently had. I am surely never able to forget about the excitement that you have had in this journey in a while.
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I would like to congratulate you on writing your first blog & I hope more blogs are on the road to come.Good Job,Really love your content & the way it was written.Keep it up.
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loemrntdherid1 on 28 September 2018 03:44
Keep sharing such ideas in the future as well.
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Mittie Yarbrough on 19 November 2018 18:28
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