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The Creator's Calendar



The Almighty YaHuWaH designed and created His divine calendar from creation. The purpose was and is to teach us about His plan of redemption through Yahushua the Messiah.



Unfortunately, humans have taken it upon themselves to create their own calendars to reckon time. The Gregorian calendar is currently used worldwide. It is a calculated Pagan solar calendar and was created by the Roman emperors to worship the Roman emperor, the sun and contains many Pagan holidays.


In Exodus YaHuWaH told Moses when a new year begins:

YaHuWaH did not create humans to determine when years begin and end, He created the sun, moon and stars for that. The sun and the moon being like the two hands on a clock keeping YaHuWaH’s time.

Genesis Chapter 1 Verse 14

And the Almighty said "Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years." 

The Hebrew word for moon / month that is used here is the word ‘chodesh.’ 
It actually means ‘to bring back, to make anew, rebuild, make shine.’ The months are connected with the cycle of the moon.


Exodus Chapter 12 Verses 1 - 2

"And YaHuWaH spoke to Moses and to Aaron in the land of Egypt, saying, ‘This new moon (month) is the beginning of new moons (months) for you, it is the first new moon (month) of the year for you."

The first new moon of the year which is spoken of in Exodus Chapter 12 is referring to the ‘renewed moon’ which occurs immediately after the conjunction when the moon starts its new cycle marking the beginning of a month and the start of the new year. 


Psalm Chapter 104 Verse 19

"He appointed the moon for appointed times."

The Hebrew word for ‘guard’ used here is ‘shamar’ which can mean - protect, observe, regard.


Deuteronomy Chapter 16 Verse 1

"Guard the new moon of Abib..."

The new year is also determined in alignment with the sun and the spring equinox. At the spring equinox we see a time where nature springs back to life and the land is rejuvenated. We see a visible sign on the earth of regrowth of seeds planted in darkness and then sprouting forth. Subsequent months are governed by each new moon. Each month can be up to 30 days long and average 29.5 days over a year.


Each month ends in darkness with no moon visible. Preceding the new moon there can be up to three days of what appears to be darkness before the light is seen by the naked eye, yet we know that as soon as the moon is fully covered in darkness that light instantly starts to form on its waxing side thus causing the end of a month cycle and the start of a new month the following day.

A new month cannot be part of the old month so the new month begins at dawn the following day.

i.e. new moon happens at 9.00 am on 10th March. The new month begins at dawn on 11th March.

Many calendars wait to see the first sliver of the moon in the sky (which is unscriptural) and results in the month starting one or even two days later. We see much division among believers regarding the calendar and many will go with the fixed Jewish calendar or the most popular which is peddled by popular 'so called teachers.' Many people will also look for ripened barley in the land of Israel before starting a new year. This again is not scriptural. 

We believe that this way of reckoning unites people all over the world and the new month starts the same day throughout the world within a 24 hour period. 

(More information on this topic is coming soon)


In scripture we are provided with YaHuWaH’s time clock so that we can keep YaHuWaH’s appointed times in line with His calendar. There are 7 Appointed times on His calendar each year.




This is just a brief overview of YaHuWaH’s calendar 

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