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The Lord's Prayer

Have you ever heard of the prayer commonly called 

'The Lord's Prayer'?

The 'Lord's Prayer' is taken from the Bible and is found in the Book of Matthew Chapter 6 Verse 9. 

It was taught by our Messiah in response to one of His disciple's requests to teach them how to pray and it typically begins like this:


"Our Father which art in heaven, HALLOWED BE THY NAME..."

The prayer begins by stating that our Father in the Heavens has a name and it is 'hallowed'. Hallowed - primarily meaning: set-apart, or consecrated, sacred, sanctified and revered. Most Christian denominations pray this prayer yet they don't even use His set-apart name.

The prayer tends to be taught and recited and becomes a repetitive custom rather than a heartfelt prayer. Most people then recite it without even thinking or questioning its content.

Let's ask a few questions:

1) What is our Heavenly Father's set-apart name?

2) Is His name really important?


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What's In A Name?

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