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The Preface of Your Bible

Have you ever read through the preface of your Bible before beginning in Genesis? You will be surprised at what you find. Do you think that scripture has never been changed by man?

Have a look at this:

Here is the preface of a NIV Bible:

As you can see it states that the work of translation is never wholly finished. It clearly states that the translators have removed the divine name 'YHWH' and replaced it with 'Lord'. All other English translations have done the same...

They have not been updated since the original was published even though more and more evidence is coming to light that reveals the Almighty's name as YaHuWaH.

This is also in the preface of the parallel Bible:

It states that there are at least 16 verses in what they call the 'New Testament' that have been left out of modern day versions. Mostly in the first four books which detail the Messiah's life when He walked the earth. So that would mean that some translations are not complete.

There have been some gross errors by translators to hide the name of the Father and also His Son's Name. Researching this topic uncovers some important information and we clearly see how the Adversary / Satan has worked hard at removing the mighty set-apart name of our Creator...

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