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What about the title ‘God?’ 

In the English Bible the ‘Almighty’ is also referred to as ‘God’. The title God was translated from a Hebrew Word; אלוהים - 'Elohim' meaning 'Mighty One'. In the English dictionary it says that ‘God’ has several meanings: i.e. mighty one(s), an angel, judges, foreign mighty ones or deities and can also refer to the Most High Father, YaHuWaH. So the title ‘God’ can be used for any deity.

The following is a list of some of the generic names that used God, Gud, Gott. These names were used among the Teutonic tribes.

is a proper name for an idol!
the name of the highest god 
was also called 'Witan'


the day of the week 'Wednesday' or some would say
is named after the
Teuton deity! 'Gott' (pronounced God)
and is the name of a Norse Pagan deity...

Can you see where these titles have originated from?

Exodus Chapter 23 Verse 13 says: "And in all that I have said to you take heed. And make no mention of the name of other mighty ones, let it not be heard from your mouth.”

God is not a name. It is a title just like Mr or Mrs or Doctor or Lord are titles. The word God can be used for many different foreign mighty ones or any deities and is derived from the names of Pagan gods. 

We are instructed in the scriptures to call upon His name, not His title.

The word ‘God’ also originated from the word ‘Gad’ (spelled Gad in our Bibles but pronounced God) and is the name for a Pagan fortune deityThis is confirmed in: 

Isaiah Chapter 65 Verse 11: “But you are those who forsake YaHuWaH, who forget My set-apart mountain, who prepare a table for Gad (Pagan fortune deity pronounced God), and who furnish a drink offering for Meni (Pagan god of money).’’

Isn’t it interesting that on a US dollar bill (called ‘money’ (meni) it says ‘In God (Gad) we trust.’ Basically it says that we trust in a Pagan fortune deity. Can you see how these names of Pagan gods have worked their way into our English language and more importantly into our scriptures to corrupt the most powerful name above all names? And we don’t even realise it!

The Hebrew word 'Elohim' (rendered 'God' in your Bible) describes YaHuWaH's character as one of power. It does not originate from Pagan sources...

The word Elohim comes from the word 'Eloah' and the root word 'El' in Hebrew. For every Hebrew letter there is a pictograph.  

The pictograph for the first letter, an Aleph (from right to left) is an Ox, which represents Strength. The second letter, a Lamed, is a Staff which represents Authority. Combined, the original definition of EL is one of strength and authority - 'The Mighty One' or 'The Almighty'.

The Ancient Hebrews also considered the staff as a yoke...

A team of oxen yoked together pull a cart or plough. To train the younger oxen, an older more experienced ox as the leader was yoked to the younger.

* The Hebraic meaning of 'El' (God) is a powerful leader. The ancient Hebrews saw themselves yoked to the Almighty who taught them how to walk a proper, right path through life. *

A much more powerful picture of the Most High don't you think?

Genesis Chapter 14 Verse 22 says: "El, Most High, Creator of heaven and earth."

The Hebraic understanding 

of this verse is:

El (The Almighty / God - The Strong Powerful Leader) - brought together the heavens and the earth as a nest for His children so He could nurture and care for them as a mother (as a mother bird who feathers her nest and looks after her young) and teach and guide them into truth by yoking them to Himself. 

Our heavenly Father’s name is not God’ or ‘Lord.’ They are titles that originate from Pagan deities and were chosen by those who translated the Bible.

His name is YaHuWaH as written in the original Hebrew scriptures.  

YaHuWaH literally means : HE who exists eternally (the very character of who the Almighty is.)

Elohim means: one of strength and authority.

Thus, YaHuWaH Elohim means: The Almighty, Powerful One. He who exists eternally. Who yokes Himself to His people to teach and guide them how to walk through life.

How amazing is that!?

* Taken from The Living Words - Vol 1 - Jeff A Benner. Click here for more information *

 The name above all names is YaHuWaH!

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