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Links and resources

Here are some links which you may find useful. Please note that we do not subscribe to all aspects of their teachings, e.g. a day starting in the evening, feast dates, Jewish / rabbinical customs and teachingsHowever, they do contain some really useful information which we have found invaluable in our search for truth.


For information about the Creator's calendar. For calendar dates please see our Appointed Times page

For some great resources, amazing teachings and brilliant books go to:

or go to their YouTube channel:

Messenger of the Name

Get some great teachings at:

or go to their YouTube channel:

If you are looking for some Scriptures which have restored the Hebrew Names and the Name of YaHuWaH and Yahushua

Restored Scriptures are available from:

The HalleluYah Scriptures Version of The Bible:

Check out the 'Besorah Yahushua'

Click on the link below:


or the pdf version below:

Check out the Aramaic English New Testament at:

Or The MATS Scriptures:

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